Stay On Same Page


This add-on enables the user to Stay on the Same Page when the offer/Counter expires.

How To Install

Firstly, Purchase and Install the Add-on Stay On Same Page under Browse Add-ons option . To install the add-on follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate To Browse Add-ons under Page Expiration Robot Plugin.
  2. Search for Stay On Same Page add-on and click on Install button .Notice that various option emerge out.
  3. Now Click on " Choose File " button and choose the setup to be uploaded. 
  4. Click on install button and notice that the add-on is successfully installed.
  5. Click on activate button to activate the add on. Refer to Image below.                                              

How To Use 

On creating a new Campaign under On Finish Events select option Do Nothing (Stay on Same Page).

There are two options available :

1. Expired Counter can be displayed.
2. Counter can be made hidden.
Please refer to Image below.

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