Timed Events


Timed events allows you to reveal any type of content after the countdown reaches zero.

How To Install

Firstly, Purchase and Installs the Timed Events add-on under Browse Add-ons option . To install the add-on follow the steps below.

  1.  Navigate To Browse Add-ons under Page Expiration Robot Plugin                       
  2.  Search for Timed Events add-on and click on Install button .Notice that various option emerge out.
  3.  Now Click on " Choose File " button and choose the setup to be uploaded.
  4.  Click on install button and notice that the add-on is successfully installed.
  5.  Click on activate button to activate the add on. Refer to Image below

How To Use

1. While, creating a campaign under the On Finish Event Settings Choose option show timed events.Refer Image 1

2. You can choose either to hide the counter or choose to keep the counter visible.

3. Fill in the rest of the campaign details and save the campaign.

4. While creating a page enter the short code for Campaign in visual section of page like before .

5. Also in visual section enter the content you want to display when the counter expires, enclose it between [PERCONTENTS] and          [/PER CONTENTS]. Refer Image 2

Image 1

Image 2

Additional Notes 

1. Both Image and Text can be entered for the contents.

2.  [PERCONTENTS] and [/PER CONTENTS] is to be manually typed in the Visual section.

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