IP Address Expiration


This add on detects the IP for a machine and makes sure that the offer (Counter) remains  expired once the counter has run out for a particular IP .

How To Install

Firstly, Purchase and Install the Add-on Expiration by IP-Address under Browse Add-ons option . To install the add-on follow the steps below.

  1. Navigate To Browse Add-ons under Page Expiration Robot Plugin.
  2. Search for Expiration By IP Address add-on and click on Install button .Notice that various option emerge out.
  3. Now Click on " Choose File " button and choose the setup to be uploaded. 
  4. Click on install button and notice that the add-on is successfully installed.
  5. Click on activate button to activate the add on. Refer to Image below.                                              

How To Use

  1. When creating a new Campaign in option " when would you like your offer to expire? " drop down choose either A specific amount of time (Evergreen ) or First Visit only option. 
  2.  Notice that a option " How would like your visitors to get expired ?" is displayed choose  Expire visitors by IP option. Please refer to image below.
  3. Fill out rest campaign details correctly to successfully create the campaign which will expire by IP for visitors. 

Additional Notes

The Expire By IP add-on will not synchronize the counter for an IP. It will just make sure that once the offer has expired for an IP it remain expired for the device with that IP.

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