Invalid Error Generate on Uploading Add-ons

On uploading the Zip File for a particular add-on an error message "Invalid" is displayed on the top left corner of the screen.Please refer to image displayed below.

Possible Causes

 1. Client has Password Protected Plugins Directory,that is why during upload the Addon file is getting discarded.

How To Fix : Client needs to manually upload the unzipped Addon file inside the PER Plugin Directory "addon" folder,and then after going on the Browse addons pages,upload the zip addon file,then the respective plugin will be activated . Please refer to screencast for more details .

2. ZipArchive class is not loaded by default to the server,which the customer is using.This is the class we use to unzip the Addons.

How To Fix : There is two ways how it could be solved.

Way-1 : The Customer contact to the respective Server Administrator,and asks to install the ZipArchive Class.

Way-2 : Customer need to provide us the Database Access of the site and FTP Access of the site,and We Solve it

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