How to Add live scarcity timers INSIDE your Emails?

Can you imagine the power of having scarcity timer INSIDE your emails that synchronized with the timer you  have on your offer? How much more clicks your emails will get? In other words, how much more sales and profits would you make?

Well, now it's possible... here's how it works


A counter can be inserted into an Email using this functionality. The Counter can be inserted into the Email as an Image URL or can be inserted into any Email Client with HTML support. The counter 

How To Use?

The counter functionality is available only for timer set for specific amount (Evergreen) or  a timer set for a specific date.

Choose only these two categories to generate the code that can be uploaded into the email.

Fill in the rest of the campaign details as desired and click on 'Update the Campaign Now' .After doing that notice that code for Email functionality is generated.Refer Image below 


 Detailed Images 

 This  image displays scenario when counter Image is inserted using URL  

The image displays scenario where Email supporting HTML can be used to send the embedded counter code. 

The image displays how a received Emails looks like.

Additional Note

Email  sent to outlook have static image and the counter is not down counted visually, but the counter code is active and if the mail is refreshed the counter is updated with current remaining time.

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